I really like your program. It is simple and straight to the point. Just what a Development Director is able to handle.

Thanks so much.

Riverwalk Jazz, CA
It worked like a charm. I really didn't understand the function of the send mail flag on the limitations screen. As always, I am impressed and grateful for your prompt attention to my mostly self-created problems.

By the way, thank you again for your prompt attention. I can't imagine getting better support. It may be routine in your part of the world but it's much too rare here and i do appreciate it.

Crisis Services of North Alabama, AL
Thank you soooooooooo much!!! We are very thankful for your good and user-friendly program and your support.

Have a nice weekend!

Harvest Time International, FL
Thanks for your 'PROMPT' support. I have to tell you, considering the numerous software products (support & services) we have purchased over the years, we have never experienced such prompt response ever! Much appreciated.

Cape Breton Regional Library, NS
Hey guys. Love your software. It has gotten better with time. Thanks so much. I refer your product all of the time. It is very good software for the money.

You guys are amazing! Thanks.

Show Mercy International, OR
Many thanks - we have installed that update now and the extra fields are wonderful. They will make life alot easier for us - thanks from all of us here. Great job.

Irish Bible Institute, Ireland
Basic Funder continues to work well for us and we have expanded the use to include tracking volunteer hours.

Carolina Canines for Service, NC
Thanks for your quick reply. As checks come in we write thank you letter as we go, so being able to print the envelope as we write a thank you letter would meet our needs better than doing labels or having to print an envelope from word.

We are VERY pleased with this program!

Choices, VA
Could it have been any easier? Thanks for the quick response.

By the way I am moving on ... Thanks for all your help in the past - it's a terrific program and I have referred it to others.

Thanks! I really appreciate all your hard work on the program!

Key Communications, OR
I want to say how much I appreciate the latest update to BasicFunder. It was great that you added a couple of very useful boxes! I was wondering, as you continue to change and modify the program whether another column could be added...Thanks again for the newest version. I should also mention...finds the work goes much faster because the system does not take as much time to search each name.

Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada, ON
P.S. Your system is working very well. Revenue Canada Auditor also had praise.

Muslim's Serving Disadvantaged Canadians, ON
Thanks! I appreciate the time you took to assist me - you've made my job much easier.

Epilepsy Niagara, ON
This is a big help to me...THANKS again for your SUPPORT and make today a great one!!!

Developmental Center, NC
Thanks! I am totally impressed with this software, by the way.

Stepping Stones, NY
The folks at Dove, Inc. have become quite proficient with BasicFunder and no longer need me to act as a middle man. Thanks for all your support over the years. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Data Assets Development, MA