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We built BasicFunder Premier to give nonprofit agencies software tools to do creative fundraising and donor relationship cultivation, simply and affordably.

ONLY $399 per Nonprofit Agency
"BasicFunder has proved to be the easiest to learn, easiest to use, fundraising management software we have tried. We highly recommend BasicFunder."
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Secure Data Backup with BasicDataSafe
Secure Data Backup with BasicDataSafe
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Winnipeg Library Foundation, MB
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BasicFunder Donor & Donation Software

BasicFunder Premier

BasicFunder Lite

BasicDataSafe is an add-on service for keeping Secure Offsite BasicFunder Database Backups
BasicFunder Premier is our full feature donor managment software product.
ONLY $249 per Nonprofit Agency
BasicFunder Lite is for small non profit agencies that only need donor and donation tracking.  
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