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Donation Statistics

Tabular Statistics

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Recency Frequency Monetary (RFM) Analysis

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Quick visual representation of donation amount by year/month, per appeal/event
Plot using donation date or receipt date, selectable cutoff date
Ability to Save to File or Copy to Clipboard
Uses Pivot Table technology to mine data
Drag and drop fields to generate a personalized table
Take a data field and break it down by week, month, year on one axis,
by event/appeal on the other axis
Adjustable date range, layout and best fit options, chart customization
Several diagram types: Bar, Line, Area, Pie etc.
Graph your results in one click
Print or export to Excel
Used to segment donors within periods of months (recency) that have life amounts within ranges (monetary) and have given a certain number of times (frequency).
Periods in Months, Life Amount intervals and min and max gift counts are adjustable
Multiple RFM analyses can be created and stored
RFM Report (shown below) can be printed and selected donor segments can be exported to Excel