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Direct Mail Letters
Email Your Donors And Contacts
BasicFunder Pumps Them Out
It's Never Been Easier
At last, you no longer need to import your mailing list into your word processor.
Save Tons of Time. It's Just Four Steps in BasicFunder.
First, create the list of people you want to send mail to using BasicFunder's list function
Next, compose the actual letter
BasicFunder automatically merges the names and addresses into the letters
Put the necessary letterhead or envelopes into your printer
One more possible step is loading labels, just click "load labels" then print
And you're done!
BasicFunder makes putting out your mailing fast and simple!
If you're collecting the email addresses of your donors, members and contacts - You're way ahead of most other charities and non-profits.
Like Direct Mail, start by creating a list of people to send your email to
Next, you create the email letter in BasicFunder, personalize and include any attachments
BasicFunder automatically merges in the email addresses for you
Turn on the Internet and just click "Send"
BasicFunder instantly emails everyone on your list and is great for monthly or yearly newsletters and updates, again making it fast and simple!
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Email/DirectMail Picture
You can send emails to custom groups you setup, all those attending an event or an even more targeted group by using a user-created list. Emails in BasicFunder have full HTML capability allowing you to add pictures, change fonts and colours etc.
Use BasicFunder to send your E-Mails:
Your supporters will also appreciate that you're up-to-date and not wasting money on postage.
To see how our Email Broadcasting works, click for a video tour!
To see how Direct Mailing works, click for a video tour!